I worked in the Liquor, Retail and Ship Chandelling industries + - 9 years
Followed by a 28 year career in the FMCG industry (Rembrandt & BAT)
Accepted a 'voluntary package' at the end of 2007 (55 yrs old) with a plan to study Body Stress Release
5 month full time study at the BSR Academy – Rondevlei, Wilderness, Southern Cape.
Qualified as Body Stress Release Practitioner on 27th September 2008
The Academy is the only place in the world that one can study Body Stress Release and there are practitioners in many countries around the world. (South Africa, UK, Holland, Germany, Belgium, Iceland, USA, Hawaii, Curacao (Dutch Antilles), New Zealand, Australia and Japan)

My Story

In 1997 I was suffering terribly with lower back pain that had got to the stage where the 'over the counter' solutions were not working. Off I went to a Chiropractor who was recommended to me by a friend, and I was relieved of the pain, but only temporally. My GP then referred me to an Orthopedic surgeon who sent me to a Physiotherapist 'for a couple of sessions' to see if the lower spine would 'loosen up'. With no great results he booked me into HOSPITAL where I was put in traction for 4 days. During this time a MRI scan was done, and there it was…. According to the results I had a ‘disintegrating disc’ and virtually no ‘gap’ between L5 and S1. A spinal fusion was suggested….

I left the hospital, corsets and all! I had heard all the ‘horror stories’ about back operations, and postponed the operation for a few months, and just as well I did! A colleague of mine at the time saw me ‘easing’ myself out of my car one morning (a 3 to 5 minute operation) and asked what was wrong. I told him my story and all he did was give me a phone number and told me to go to this man before I did anything else.

This was my introduction to Body Stress Release…my first venture away from what I had grown up with, as I was desperate to try anything to obviate a spinal operation. I felt an immediate benefit after the first two releases and six or seven releases later and I was back on the golf course. To cut a long story short I have never had that operation!!!!

I do go to a colleague for 'a maintenance release' once a month which is very important, as this helps the body maintain the necessary communication and good health.

The results had been so dramatic and positive in my case that I resolved that ‘one day’ I would go and study BSR and become a practitioner, so as to help people trust the healing power of their own bodies, once communication has been restored.

Dan Hugo BSR